I. engineer en‧gi‧neer 1 [ˌendʒˈnɪə ǁ -ˈnɪr] noun [countable] JOBS
1. someone who designs the way roads, bridges, machines, electrical equipment etc are built:

• He is an engineer with an oil company.

ˈproduct engiˌneer JOBS MANUFACTURING
someone whose job is to develop new products for a company and who is responsible for all the technical aspects of each product, including design and production:

• As a product engineer you will also find yourself being in the center of all activities, with daily contacts with all parts of the company.

ˈproject engiˌneer
JOBS MANUFACTURING someone who is in charge of a project, who has special technical knowledge and qualifications :

• We have a vacancy for a Project Engineer, with experience in the design of vehicles: rail, bus and/​or automotive.

ˈsales engiˌneer JOBS MARKETING
MARKETING someone with good technical knowledge of products and services, whose job is to improve them and to interest customers in buying them
2. chemical/​civil/​electrical etc engineer one who works in chemical etc engineering:

• software engineers and computer scientists

  [m0] II. engineer engineer 2 verb [transitive]
1. to arrange something by clever, careful, and often secret, planning:

• Nobody knew who had engineered the minister's downfall.

2. to design and plan the construction of roads, machines, software etc:

• Our company engineers machine parts for the automobile industry.

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engineer UK US /ˌendʒɪˈnɪər/ noun [C]
PRODUCTION a person whose job is to design or build machines, engines or electrical equipment, or things such as roads, railways or bridges, using scientific principles: »

This is high-quality technical consultancy performed by highly trained engineers.

design/mining engineer »

James Dyson is arguably Britain's best-known design engineer of modern times.

WORKPLACE a person whose job is to repair or control machines, engines or electrical equipment: »

a service/telephone/heating engineer

See also AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEER(Cf. ↑automotive engineer), CHEMICAL ENGINEER(Cf. ↑chemical engineer), CIVIL ENGINEER(Cf. ↑civil engineer), ELECTRICAL ENGINEER(Cf. ↑electrical engineer), FINANCIAL ENGINEER(Cf. ↑financial engineer), MECHANICAL ENGINEER(Cf. ↑mechanical engineer), PRODUCT ENGINEER(Cf. ↑product engineer), PROJECT ENGINEER(Cf. ↑project engineer), QUALITY ENGINEER(Cf. ↑quality engineer), SALES ENGINEER(Cf. ↑sales engineer), SOFTWARE ENGINEER(Cf. ↑software engineer), STRUCTURAL ENGINEER(Cf. ↑structural engineer)
engineer UK US /ˌendʒɪˈnɪər/ verb [T]
PRODUCTION to design and build something using scientific principles: »

If you tell us the size of the part that you need, we will engineer it to fit.

to try to arrange for something to happen, usually something complicated or difficult: »

The more restrictive economic environment comes as part of China's effort to engineer a gradual slowdown of its economic boom.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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